Our Active Roster of Superheroes, all volunteers with SCRIBE.

**Unlock new abilities and traits throughout November. Contact Daeja/Curator to nudge for your update!**


Sign-Up – Code Name
First 1667 Words –  Super Power
Have a 3334 Word Day (Double) – Key Costume Detail (could be a colour, pattern, accessory)
First 10,000 Words – Origin of Powers
Hit 25,000 Words – Lair/Hideout
Miss a Day and Write the Next – Weakness Identified!
Attend In Person Event – Name of Sidekick/Mentor/Associate
Participate in Online Event – Name of Nemesis
Hit 50,000 – 2nd Super Power
Write more than 50,500 – Catch Phrase!


Solayan  —  The Mayor.  | Super Power: Inspirational Aura | Costume Detail: A Top Hat. | Origin: Fateful encounter with small feathered leader of the Ancient Society of Dino-Pirates. | Lair: Hidden apartment in City Hall | SidekickThe Spoony Bard. | Second Super Power: Babbles sense.

Daeja — Curator. | Super Power: Brainstorms | Costume Detail: An ever-changing word scarf. | Origin: Read an ancient, magical tome. | Lair: The entrance is *somewhere* on the PATH. | Weakness: Video games. | Associate:  The Analyst. | Nemesis: Doubt. | Second Super Power: Magical Spreadsheets.

Lop — The Vine. | Super Power: Teleportation. | Costume Detail: Suit made of interwoven, durable leaves. | Origin: An allergic reaction gone wild. | Weakness: Being spread too thin. | Sidekick: Plot Bunny. | Nemesis: Herbicidal Parasite.

A-chels — The Embellisher | Super Power: Tying up loose ends. | Costume Detail: Meticulous embroidery.  | Origin: An enchanted spinning wheel. | Lair: A loft in the fashion district. | Weakness: Shiny things. | Mentor: The Ghost of Ms. Head |  Nemesis: Mr. Hipster.

Candice_Lee — Mistress Optimism. | Super Power: Tenacity. | Costume Detail: Golden tiara.  | Origin: Critical build up of positive energies. |  Weakness: Guilty pleasure television shows. | Sidekick: The Sunshine Kid

bunnyhero — The bunnyhero. | Super Power: Extreme Word Reproduction. | Costume Detail: Chewable cape. | Origin: Answered the call when the need was great. | Lair: A hideaway between floors of the Science Centre. | Weakness: Horror movies. |  Sidekick: Penguin Kid. | Nemesis: The Scarborough Scrambler. | Second Super Power: Creative and clutch coding.

JBCohen — Ira / Little Red. | Super Power: Shape shifting | Costume Detail: Different shades of red. | Origin: Unauthorized Genetic Experimentation. | Lair: Secret rooms in a Michaels craft store. | Weakness: Silver. | Sidekick: Big Blue.

Elizalavelle — The Speed Reader. | Super Power: Speed Reading | Costume Detail: Logo is a book with rapidly changing pages. | Origin: Bit by radioactive book worm. | Lair:  A secret apartment in the Indigo at the Eaton Centre. | Sidekick: Tea Brewer. | Second Super Power: Super charming. | Catch Phrase: Are you done reading that?

wribrarian — Librarian. | Super Power: Lightning Fast Information Recall. | Costume Detail: Glasses that imbue wearer with ability to silence others with a single look. | Origin: Studied for years. | Lair: Hidden in the stacks at a Toronto library. | Weakness: Romance novels. | Associate: The Book Worm | Second Super Power: Compelling characters. | Catch Phrase: Your books are overdue!

WnGoddess — The Raven Scrawler. | Super Power: Plot Hole Annihilation. |  Costume Detail: Charm bracelet with various shiny bits and bobs. | Origin: Library Bookcase Mishap. | Lair: Stock room of an office supply store. | Second Super Power: Deadly puns.

hedgymama— Quantum Scout. | Super Power: Shape Shifting. | Costume Detail: Shiny blue cape. | Origin: Touched something she really shouldn’t have. | Lair: STABK Clubhouse. | Second Super Power: Sixth sense for Plot Holes. | Weakness: Children. | Sidekick: The Super Buddies. | Nemesis: Squid Kid | Catch Phrase: Scout’s Honor!

AnimeCanuck — Enigma | Super Power: Control of fire elementals. | Weakness: Cracking codes.

Frank Writer — Morpheus | Super Power: Ability to Control Dreams. | Costume Detail: Pajamas. | Origin: Hypnotized and gifted superhero powers. | Lair: Apartment in Sleep country’s Toronto Head Office. | Second Super Power: Mesmerizes others with stories. | Weakness: Caffeine. | Mentor: Hypnos. | Catch Phrase: Hush.

Litharukia — Lithy

thejestess — The Immortal Mask. | Super Power: Immortality. | Costume Detail: Yellow mask. | Origin: Fountain of Youth Mishap. | Lair: Catacombs beneath Princess of Wales theatre. | Nemesis: The Lich Prince. | Second Super Power: Rapid fire word generation. | Catch Phrase: All good things must come to an end–except for me!

Catzius1212 — Fire Starter. | Super Power: Fire Creation. | Origin: Inhaled smoke of a magic candle. | Lair: Fire station on Adelaide St. | Second Super Power: Creation of fire elementals.

ancient.sound — Cheerleader. | Super Power: Motivational Chanting. | Costume Detail: Pom-poms | Origin: Dream of becoming a superhero came true. | Weakness: Rainy days.

Dudesoft — Nomad. | Super Power: Super Sense of Direction. | Costume Detail: Dark blue cloak and hood. | Origin: Drank magical water at an oasis.  | Lair: Tent in High Park. | Weakness: Time. | Second Super Power: Optical Stealth Camouflage.  | Catch Phrase: I’m just passin’ by.

mr_caterpillar — The Babbling Pantser. | Super Power: Making Sense out of Nonsense. | Costume Detail: Wears pants on head. | Origin: Edited into current state. | Lair: Clothing store stock room in the Eaton Centre. | Associate: The Eccentric Plotser. | Second Super Power: Wordiness Aura. | Catch Phrase: Well, you see, the thing is…

lunarwrites — High Sorceress | Super Power: Fire Bending. | Costume Detail: Golden cape. | Origin: Experimented on by a wizard.  | Lair: Tower room in Casa Loma. | Weakness: Comic Books. | Second Super Power: Ice manipulation  | Catch Phrase: Enough!

terranightangel — Night Angel

CMMaskell — Mr. Friday

Panter — Agent Panter | Super Power: Ability Mimicry. | Costume Detail: Dark navy suit. | Origin: Block-dosed, drone-creating food gone wrong (or right?). | Lair: Field operations base near Yonge/Eglinton called, “The Hutch.” |  Second Super Power: Power Amplification.

truemane — Brobdingnagian Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobe | Super Power: Obfuscating Verbiage. | Costume Detail: Old-Timey Captain’s hat. | Origin: Imprisonment within the Ivory Tower. | Lair: Renovated Coffee Shop. | Weakness: Long Words. | Sidekick: Lilly the Putian. | Nemesis: Verigull the Traveller.

AnnaHarkness — Timeline Prophet. | Super Power: Telekinesis. | Costume Detail: Carries fountain pen. | Origin: Fell into a time vortex. | Lair: Home has a stationery store as a front. | Nemesis: Overeager Editor. | Second Super Power: Can foresee the future. | Catch Phrase: I predict you have a plot hole!

A.B. Neilly — WonderWriter. | Super Power: Super Strength of Will. | Costume Detail: Logo is a golden pen. | Origin: Prophecy fulfilled. | Lair: Hidden Cave at Edwards Gardens. | Weakness: Phone Games. | Mentor: AwesomeAuthor. | Second Super Power: Always On: the ability to write anywhere, any time.

Rebecca — Rehéla | Super Power: Ability to perfectly mimic all voices (and accents!) | Costume Detail: Dark green cloak. | Origin: Zapped by a Super Villian’s power ray | Lair: Condo in the theatre district. | Sidekick: Adventure Girl. | Nemesis: The Angry Chef. | Second Super Power: Spell casting. | Catch Phrase: Don’t waste my time.

Iggy’s Scrivener — Word Walker

EmceeFrodis — Doctor Dramatic. | Super Power: Psychokinesis | Costume Detail: Purple lab coat. | Origin: Exposed to chemical fumes in a lab explosion. | Lair: A lab beneath a library. | Weakness: Accessories. | Second Super Power: Manipulation of chemicals. | Catch Phrase: The Doctor will see you now.

RavenClaw Princess — Her Braininess. | Super Power: Eidetic Memory. | Costume Detail: A walking stick with a brain-shaped pommel. | Origin: Drank secret concoction of juiced “brain foods.” | Lair: An ivory tower. | Weakness: Crossword puzzles. | Nemesis: Devious Dullard| Second Super Power: Dramatic Readings.

yzisme — Loquacious Lady Luck. | Super Power: The gift of gab. | Costume Detail: Logo: Puff of wind. | Origin: Spiritual successor of a sybil | Lair: Third floor of the TIFF building. | Weakness: Canopic jars. | Second Super Power: Good luck. | Catch Phrase: Luck *is* a lady.

Truemizzie — Miss Andromeda | Super Power: Creation of Time Loopholes. | Costume Detail: Golden starburst pattern on black. | Origin: Fell out of time, had to find her way back. | Lair: Sixth floor of the Art Gallery of Ontario. | Weakness: Wikipedia time sinks. | Sidekick: Mr. Milky Way. | Second Super Power: Super Strength.

winteroftext — barkingcat. | Super Power: Sonic Bark. | Weakness: Big bodies of water.

Airen Rin — Gray Cat Grey. | Super Power: Probability Manipulation. | Costume Detail: Gray cat ears headband.| Origin: Satisfied overwhelming curiosity. | Lair: Office in the Toronto Reference Library. | Mentor: Mutant Monkey. | Nemesis: Neighboring Dog Neighbour. | Second Super Power: Always lands on her feet.

spiveystrange— Skulk. | Super Power: Shadow Manipulation. | Costume Detail: Black & shoddy. | Origin: Literally fell into the shadows. | Lair: The shadow of the CN Tower. |  Weakness: Powerful UV light. | Mentor: Eclipse. | Nemesis: Sunshine. | Second Super Power: Shadow Puppets.

Meag9600 — Lunar Traveller. | Super Power: Gravity Manipulation. | Costume Detail: Colour is silver-grey. | Origin: Caught in the Bermuda Triangle during a full moon. | Lair: Secret rooms in the David Dunlap Observatory. | Second Super Power: Travels on moon beams.

emmybun— The Scarlet Pumpernickel. | Super Power: Bakes magical baked goods. | Weakness: Pudding.

goldmourn— Intuito. | Super Power: Psionic Intuition. | Origin: Critical mass of lucky guesses in a row. | Weakness: Fog.

perfectimperfection — Mr. Millenium. | Super Power: Hears Radio Waves In His Head. | Weakness: Texting. | Sidekick: The New Year’s Kid.

MidnightBat — Midnight Bat. | Super Power: Can change time from day to night. | Origin: Wished upon a star. | Lair: Belfry of the Cathedral Church of St. James. |  Weakness: Lethargic during daytime. | Second Super Power: Control of lunar beams. | Catch Phrase: By the light of the moon, you’re under arrest!

Sattadey — Hale. | Super Power: Power Negation Field. | Costume Detail: Black coat. | Origin: Chemical Spill. | Lair: Secret underground floor of former McLaughlin Planetarium | Weakness: Heat. | Associate: Hearty. | Second Super Power: Cheerfulness | Catch Phrase: Tis the season!

Caesen — Echo. | Super Power: Echolocation. | Costume Detail: Large hood. | Origin: Botched “homemade” fix for near-sightedness. | Lair: A lakefront cave. | Second Super Power: Hyper-Imagination. | Catch Phrase: You cannot escape Echo-echo-echo-echo!

Taylor Gray — The Insomniac Writer. | Super Power: Fatigue Fighter. | Origin: Childhood writer.Weakness: Sunrise.

Saxonhawke — The Satin Sparrow. |  Super Power: Perfect Pacing. | Weakness: Cliffhangers.

Silverwhitefall — Quill. | Super Power: Master of Barbs. | Costume Detail: A feathered headdress. | Origin: Attacked by a rabid porcupine. | Lair: Treehouse in the Rouge Valley. | Weakness: Hedge clippers. | Associate: The Grizzly. | Second Super Power: Trap setting. | Catch Phrase: Let me take a stab at it!

Browncoat101 — Ion. | Super Power: Magnetism Manipulation. | Costume Detail: Logo is a blue + sign. | Origin: Drank too much ionized water. | Lair: Houseboat docked at hidden beach near Ontario Place. | Second Super Power: Making words out of water. | Catch Phrase: I find you…repulsive!

Bayonette — Bayonette. | Super Power: Super Speed. | Origin: Played a cursed video game | Lair: Basement of Power Up Game Bar. | Second Super Power: Can summon an enchanted weapon (a pen, of course!).

o cha cha real smooth — o cha cha. | Super Power: Can Make Others Do The Cha Cha Slide. | Costume Detail: Directional speakers on shoulders. | Origin: Too many late nights listening to the cha cha slide. | Lair: House basement. |  Weakness: Homework. | Sidekick: Gagie | Second Super Power: Mad dancing skills. | Catch Phrase: O cha cha real smooth!

Mint Latte — Marshmilo. | Super Power: Physically indestructible. | Costume Detail: All white.| Origin: A fortune cookie. | Lair: Apartment above a famous Toronto bakery. | Weakness: Vegetables.

Inanna’sLove — Lacuna. | Super Power: Master of All Languages. | Costume Detail: Bright lipstick changes colour depending on language used. | Origin: Collision with a manual on Proto-Indo-European. | Lair: Robarts Library. | Weakness: Snack breaks. | Sidekick: The Whizz-kid of Wessex. | Second Super Power: Gift of Gab. | Catch Phrase: Have I ever told you the story about…