Happy November!

It’s November 1!  Are you excited? Have you been productive? I have 114 words at the time of writing this, but only 14 of them are actually in my novel document—bit of a slow start. We’ll see how well I’m doing at the end of next week. (This saga may be more exciting than my […]

Six Days to NaNo!

Today is October 26, which means that November 1 is less than a week away! Are you geared up and ready to start writing? Do you have a story idea yet? Have you at least chosen your writing software? Take heart, for even if you answered no to all three of the above questions, you […]

NaNoWriMo 2013

Hi folks! We’re slowly working on fleshing out the calendar for this year’s NaNo! We hope to have it entirely ready for you by mid-October at the very latest, but we’ll be informing you of events as they’re booked so that you all know what your schedules might look like. Right now we have a […]