Let’s Get Kicking!

The forums are live, the turkey bones are safely disposed of and leaves are covering my street in a carpet of crinkliness, so it must be almost November and time to announce the Kick-Off! Everyone’s invited, whether you’ve done NaNo a thousand times before, never written a word or somewhere in between. We’ll have fun […]

October Events

Are you already stocking up on caffeine and stickers, wrist supports and notebooks? Is November just too far away for you to contemplate? Or are you terrified that it’s just around the corner and you aren’t ready? We have the cure for you. Your shiny new MLs present two exciting new events to help you […]

Happy November!

It’s November 1!  Are you excited? Have you been productive? I have 114 words at the time of writing this, but only 14 of them are actually in my novel document—bit of a slow start. We’ll see how well I’m doing at the end of next week. (This saga may be more exciting than my […]

Six Days to NaNo!

Today is October 26, which means that November 1 is less than a week away! Are you geared up and ready to start writing? Do you have a story idea yet? Have you at least chosen your writing software? Take heart, for even if you answered no to all three of the above questions, you […]

NaNoWriMo 2013

Hi folks! We’re slowly working on fleshing out the calendar for this year’s NaNo! We hope to have it entirely ready for you by mid-October at the very latest, but we’ll be informing you of events as they’re booked so that you all know what your schedules might look like. Right now we have a […]