Passports, Wars, Mentors and More

For those who missed last night’s Kick Off excitements, here’s a run-down of the Exciting Announcements we shared.

Your Passport To Novelling Success

Ever feel like you need a map and compass to navigate NaNo? Well, we can’t help you with that, but this year we are offering you an exciting opportunity to see where you’ve been! Your ToNaNo Passport is free and the more stamps you collect, the better chance of winning a PRIZE at TGIO on December 1st. Stamps are available from any ML or Event Mod, and are awarded for things like attending events, hitting word count goals, even making a new friend!

If you didn’t get a passport at the Kick-Off, collect one from the MLs or Event Mods at events throughout November (while stocks last).

Please note, you must attend the TGIO to be eligible for prizes, but even if you won’t be there, feel free to join in the passporting fun.


Grab your cutlass, sharpen your claws – the Word War just got personal!

We’re getting too good at beating over the regions, so this year we’re going to beat each other. Elmobeard’s Pirates will take on The Sarahsauruses in a fight to the finish! Check out the forum for how to get involved and then sign up by 5th November to be placed in one of the teams. Your MLs need you!

Teams will be drawn at random, but please let us know if your intended word count for the month is going to be hugely more (or – shock! horror! – less), than 50,000.


Calling all manatees!

Sunstreak is running our annual mentoring scheme this year, so if you’re a seasoned veteran keen to help out, please consider signing up, and if you’re new, get yourself a personal cheerleader. Details and sign ups are on her forum post and the deadline to be involved is 3rd November.


Money, money, money

Last but not least, while NaNoWriMo is free, it runs as a not-for-profit and both the OLL and your MLs incur some expenses in bringing this awesomeness to you every year. If you are able to donate, you can do so in cash at events, or via the website. And if you do donate (suggested donation $15 or above), you can sign up for our “Adopt a Day” scheme. You can also Adopt a Day by sharing a pep talk with the rest of the region on the same thread – and if you do both, you get a WHOLE DAY all to yourself. Don’t say we never give you anything!

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Let’s Get Kicking!

The forums are live, the turkey bones are safely disposed of and leaves are covering my street in a carpet of crinkliness, so it must be almost November and time to announce the Kick-Off!

Everyone’s invited, whether you’ve done NaNo a thousand times before, never written a word or somewhere in between. We’ll have fun and games and the Tonano crowd prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive, but if you want to bring a friend that’s great too. Costumes are strictly optional, but don’t be surprised if you see a few funny-looking characters around – it is almost Halloween, after all!

We don’t need to you to RSVP for this event, but you can feel free to let us know you’re coming anyway 🙂


Hosts: Jaaelmo, bunnyhero and Daeja

Where: Pauper’s Pub @539 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M5S 1Y5. Upstairs.

When: Monday, October 27, 7-10pm

By TTC: Just East of Bathurst subway station (Bloor line) on Bloor Street.

Wheelchair accessible? We’re sorry, but no. We’ll be upstairs and there are stairs.

Lost on the way there? Call Jen / Elmo (ext. 2) through the ToNaNo Hotline, 647-478-3055


We’re looking forward to seeing you there – or at the Workshopping Workshop this weekend first!

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October Events

Are you already stocking up on caffeine and stickers, wrist supports and notebooks? Is November just too far away for you to contemplate? Or are you terrified that it’s just around the corner and you aren’t ready? We have the cure for you.

Your shiny new MLs present two exciting new events to help you drag the muse out of hibernation and get ready for NaNo 2014. Come to one, come to both … we’d love to see you. And watch this space for details of the Kick-off Party on 27th October too.


Games Night

Come out and meet your fellow Toronto Wrimos for an evening of board games and fun. This event will give everybody a chance to get acquainted before we all start writing like mad. We’ll have a variety of different games, but if you have a favourite feel free to bring it with you.

Yes, this event is all-ages and wheelchair accessible.

WHEN: Wednesday October 8, 6pm – 9pm

WHERE: 55 St. Clair Avenue West, ground floor, Canadian Cancer Society meeting room (the room is through a door that is just to the right of the elevators, there will be signs)

The main doors lock at 7pm, so if you’re arriving late just call the helpline to be let in.

TTC: Subway to St. Clair Station and then walk one block west, or get off the 512 St. Clair streetcar at Deer Park (one stop west of the station). Make sure you’re on the west side of Yonge & St. Clair as there’s a 55 St. Clair East as well, and they don’t have games.

Lost en route or arriving after 7pm: Call 647-478-3055 and press 1 to reach Sarah



Are you a pants-er or a planner?  Whether you know them in advance or find them out as you go, your novel is going to need a setting, characters and a plot to drive it forward. Join Toronto’s MLs and your fellow wrimos for three workshops on these areas of your writing and a chance to kick-start your novel … or somebody else’s.

Yes, this event is all-ages. Sadly the venue have only given us an upstairs space, so it is not wheelchair accessible.

WHEN: Saturday 18th October 2pm – 5pm

WHERE: THIRD Floor, Camaraderie, 2241 Dundas St West. (If you’ve been to previous events at Camaraderie’s Adelaide St E location, please note they’ve moved).

TTC: Subway to Dundas W Station, then walk about 3mins south to just before Dundas / Roncesvalles. OR Streetcar 504/505 right to the door.

Lost en route: Call 647-478-3055 and press 1, 2 or 3 to reach your MLs.


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ToNaNo 2014 is heading your way!

OK, it’s still only August and thoughts are still more on the beach and the splash-pads than the laptop and notepads, but your shiny new team of MLs are already working behind the scenes to ensure that the best bits from previous years are seamlessly merged with some new and exciting stuff to make November 2014 a month to remember!

If you’re joining us for the first time this year, make sure you follow us on Twitter, join our group on Facebook or check our Forum area after the NaNoWriMo site revamp on 1st October.

Things will get going around then, and there are a couple of events to look out for October, so watch this space.


We’re looking forward to seeing you online or in person!

Your MLs

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Halfway Halfway Halfway!

We are exactly halfway through November, and that means that par for today is 25 000 words! (Exactly half of 50 000 if you’re questioning my math. Which is fair. Because I am questioning my math.) I’m at 16 000. I… I’m working on it. Let’s say that and stick with it.

But I’m pretty sure that I can still finish, and that means that you can too! Seriously, check out some of our local pep talks, they’re seriously great. …and I’d edit out the repeated ‘seriously’ in that last sentence but, you know what? It’s NaNo and I’ve had enough trouble with editing this month already.

So here’s a rundown of our events for the next week and a bit!

The HALFWAY PARTY is tomorrow evening! Swing by Sanctuary, 25 Charles St E, at 7:00 pm tomorrow, November 16. The silent auction and book swap is also at this event! Bring cash for the silent auction, and entrance is Pay-What-You-Can (recommended $2). Feel free to bring your own snacks as food will not be provided, but please no alcohol. Details.

Next weekend is the OVERNIGHT WRITING SESSION! It’s Saturday evening at Sanctuary Toronto, 25 Charles St E. 10pm-7am Sunday morning. Please note that this event is 18+. RSVP on the forum thread here!

And if you’re looking for some sessions where you can buckle down and write instead of socializing, check out these ones:

Our Monday and Friday evening writing sessions continue this week, check the forums!

Monday afternoon we have the Library Write-In at Pape/Danforth Library: 701 Pape Ave. 2-4 PM: Details

The Wi-Fi Less Wednesday Write-Ins resume this week! 55 St Clair W, 6-8:30: Details

And are you a teen (13-18) and maybe a little nervous about coming out to events? This Sunday, November 17 two of our high school-age members are hosting a write-in just for you! It’s from 3:00-5:00 that afternoon, at the Yonge/Lawrence Starbucks, 3050 Yonge St. Check out details here on the forum!

See you next week!


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Join us for some of ToNaNo’s biggest events!

I’m sitting at Davisville Starbucks 25 minutes before the Friday evening writing session officially begins, and watching my battery drain as my computer tries desperately to make me happy by connecting to the flaky Wi-Fi. I’ve already run diagnostics on my computer itself, during which time it assured me that the signal itself is the problem, not the computer. I think I even believe it.

This is wonderful proof that I would rather troubleshoot and put my computer through its paces than take the hint and use the internet-less time to write. But to be fair, I’m basically on par for my word count so far. I hope you are too!

We’ve got a couple of great things going on this weekend that I want to take right now to draw your attention to.

The first is tomorrow, November 9, and that is the NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon and Donation Day! All across the globe people will be writing hundreds of thousands of words (cumulatively, I mean, though you’re welcome to try—just please take care of your hands!) together, and pledging money for their marathon of words!

NaNo’s goal for tomorrow is to raise $50,000 over the course of the day. They’ll also be giving away PRIZES (PRIZES!!) every hour between 6am and 11pm PST. All of the official details about the Writing Marathon and Donation Day can be found here.

We also want to spread the donor Halos across the Toronto forums tomorrow, so check out this post!

We’ll also be hosting a virtual all-day writing session in #ToNaNo, our Mibbit chat room. Details here!

Busy tomorrow? Prefer to write with folks in person? This Sunday, November 10 is our famous Subway Writing Session! We sit on the Yonge-University-Spadina line and write and ride the whole U from Downsview to Finch and back again. Meet up at the north end of the platform at Downsview at 2:30 for the session! Details here.

Our usual Monday and Friday write-ins will be happening again this week, check the forum for details!

I’m going to take the very last vestiges of your riveted, born-from-procrastination attention to make sure you know that next weekend, NOVEMBER 16 @ 7 PM is the Halfway Party! It’s a geeky social night with geeky bands playing and a geeky book swap and the ToNaNo Silent Auction (bring cash!) The Halfway Party is being held at Sanctuary, 25 Charles St East, and you’re welcome to bring your own food into the space but please note that NO ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Forum post and further details can be found here.

Don’t let the week two blues get you down!

A-Chels [the Over-Caffeinated]

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Happy November!

It’s November 1!  Are you excited? Have you been productive? I have 114 words at the time of writing this, but only 14 of them are actually in my novel document—bit of a slow start. We’ll see how well I’m doing at the end of next week. (This saga may be more exciting than my novel itself.)

You should be writing, but don’t go yet! (Unless you were really on a roll! Go finish your thought and come back. I’ll wait.)

If you haven’t started writing, and need some inspiration, check out the Pep Talk thread! Every day another Toronto WriMo is going to be posting another Pep Talk, so if you need encouragement, don’t forget to go there!

Want to write a Pep Talk? There are still days available. Check out the Adopt-a-Day thread!

If you want to encourage your fellow WriMos and their Pep Talks but aren’t feeling particularly inspiring yourself, you can also sign up to donate and support that day’s pep talker! (Don’t forget—NaNoWriMo runs on your donations.)

Still not feeling particularly inspired? Sign up to be a Mentee in the Mentorship program! The deadline for the second round of signups is November 2! (If you’re feeling Inspirational, particularly coach-like and have won NaNo before, sign up to be a Mentor!)

But why? Why should you write?

Because this year we’re Word Warring against ATLANTA! At the time of this writing, they are beating us! Details about the word war are here.

Here’s what’s happening event-wise this week:

Library Write-In at Pape/Danforth Library: 701 Pape Ave. 2-4 PM: Details

Monday Evening Write-In! at Yonge/King Starbucks (4 King St W) OR Chester/Danforth (355 Danforth Ave) Second Cup! 7-10pm: Details

Wi-Fi Less Wednesday Write-In! 55 St Clair W, 6-8:30: Details

Friday Evening Write-In! at Yonge/Davisville Starbucks (1909 Yonge St) or Bloor/Runnymede Starbucks (2210 Bloor St W), 7-10pm: Details

Hope to see you at an event!

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Six Days to NaNo!

Today is October 26, which means that November 1 is less than a week away! Are you geared up and ready to start writing? Do you have a story idea yet? Have you at least chosen your writing software?

Take heart, for even if you answered no to all three of the above questions, you can rest assured knowing that 6 days is still a long time. Almost a fifth of a month, even! In NaNo terms, 6 days is 10 000 words!

I’m not helping, am I?

Maybe the events we have coming up over the next week will inspire you. Here’s what’s going on on the forum:



  • KICK OFF PARTY!: Fernando’s Hideaway, 545 Yonge Street, 7:00pm.
  • Come in costume (I will be)! Eat some delicious Mexican food! Kick Off NaNoWriMo with us, play some games, and learn who we’ll be word warring against this year! (Exclamation points!!!)


  • ToNaNo Brunch: Butler’s Pantry, 591 Markham Street, 11:00am
  • PLEASE RSVP BY OCT 30 IF YOU INTEND TO COME! Butler’s is a busy spot and wants our numbers ASAP.

Also, be sure to drop by our Adopt-a-Day signup thread and pick a day in November to inspire your fellow ToNaNoers, and to help fundraise for NaNoWriMo! The Office of Letters and Light is a not-for-profit that’s funded almost entirely on your donations, and every dollar helps. Check here for details on where your funding goes.

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NaNoWriMo 2013

Hi folks!

We’re slowly working on fleshing out the calendar for this year’s NaNo! We hope to have it entirely ready for you by mid-October at the very latest, but we’ll be informing you of events as they’re booked so that you all know what your schedules might look like.

Right now we have a firm date on the Overnight Writing Session. It will take place November 23-24, the weekend before the event ends. Mark your calendars!

Please also note that we have revised the Toronto NaNo Chat rules for this year. Take a moment to review them here before you join us in chat!

Looking forward to seeing you all in November,


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Ignore Our Construction. We’re Online!

What’s this? A new website?

Yes! Yes it is! And it’s still under construction, as you can plainly see. We’ll be getting everything back up and running shortly.

You’ll find the link to #ToNaNo chat above. Yep, up there! ^ (Since I know that’s what you’re here for.)

Hope Camp NaNo is treating you well, and don’t forget to bookmark the new page!


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