Sarah Hamilton
Municipal Liaison

Sarah Bio Pic

This will be Sarah’s ninth NaNoWriMo and her fourth as an ML. Originally from Edmonton, she’s called Toronto home for fourteen years and shares her life with a roommate and two small parrots. She is a willing slave to her tiny dinosaur overlords. When she’s not writing or planning awesome events for Toronto Wrimos she enjoys baking, reading, and volunteering for her church.

Alter Ego: The Mayor

A mysterious figure, rumored by many to be a myth, the Mayor has spent many years watching over Toronto from the shadows. Stories are still told of her legendary solo defense of the city against the Evil Ennui in 2015, but whenever possible, she prefers to fight with a team of other heroes by her side. A fateful encounter with the small feathered leader of the Ancient Society of Dino-Pirates has given her access to the tools needed to mobilize the forces of good against the powers of darkness. When evil arises, she will look for brave and creative souls to answer her call.

Chelsea Jack
Municipal Liaison




This is Daeja’s 15th year of Nano, and she’s ecstatic to be writing in Toronto for it. Her second year as an ML, you’ll be able to spot her more frequently online than at our events (unfortunately). In addition to writing (and editing!), she’s also invested in the professional Dota 2 scene. She’s always happy to brainstorm ideas, discuss writing and editing, or chat about esports, so poke her via Nanomail or on Discord!

Alter Ego: The Curator

Rumored to have always had an affinity for books, the belief is that the Curator developed her powers after reading an ancient and magical tome. She’s one of Toronto’s most faithful protectors, responsible for the defeat of the Bookworm at the Toronto Reference Library in 2015, and rumored to have been the tipping force in the Battle of the Bay Street Bullies. The Curator’s true strength lies in her intelligence network spread across the city. Though no one’s seen the inside of her lair, she’s said to maintain reports and documents pertinent to all significant hero-villain activity within Toronto.

Municipal Liaison


This is Lop’s sixth NaNoWriMo, and second as an ML. She is excited to assume the role again, guiding her fellow Wrimos to the finish line. When she’s not writing, or at her day job, she can be found adventuring across Ferelden with Alastair in Dragon Age. Always willing to give encouragement, she will cheer each and every one of you on as you race to your finish line, whatever they may be.

Alter Ego: The Vine

People have wondered if the Vine is one person or many because she’s seen so often and in so many places. She is a loyal and fierce guardian, despite her defeat during the Battle of the Golden Griddle in 2012. She later went on to a victorious win in 2014 against the Wave of Self-Doubt on the Toronto Islands, and was the driving force behind the defeat of the Dark Muses beneath Mount Pleasant Cemetery. No one knows where her lair is, but it’s rumoured to be vast and a refuge for squirrels.


bunnyhero is one of the mods of the toronto nano chat room, where he can be found lurking, day and night. this will be his (lucky) 13th year doing nanowrimo! he’s been participating on and off since 2002, and even spent a couple of years as ML in a bygone era. besides nanowrimo, he likes bunnies and godzilla.

Alter Ego: also bunnyhero (!)

once a normal nerd, bunnyhero was bitten by a radioactive rabbit and gained the powers of speed, jumping, chewing scenery, and making words reproduce. after a long career of fighting crime, he was mostly retired, limiting his responsibilities to maintaining DANGERBOT, the training robot. however, thanks to the rise of activity from THE BLOCK, bunnyhero has been called back into active duty!



Elizabeth has been a NaNoWriMo participant since 2009.  She has been a part of the Toronto NaNo Mod Team for the past two years and is looking forward to a third.  She can’t wait to cheer on everyone and to hear about the stories that are about to be written.

Alter Ego: The Speed Reader

Elizabeth’s superpower is the power of reading quickly and she uses that power to complete as many books as possible each year. Her weaknesses are procrastination and distraction from television, movies, and all things shiny. Her arch enemies are those who advocate for the banning of books.  She admires superheros such as librarians, book fairies, and whoever it is that designs the READ posters.

A-Chels (who answers with variable responsiveness to Chels, A-Chels, or Alyssa) is thrilled to be raring up to enter her 10th NaNo year. If she’s not rambling about vampires or pirates (or pirate vampires [vampires who dabble in piracy] or vampire pirates [pirates who happened to also be vampires]), it’s probably because she’s buried under a disorganized pile of fabric castoffs from her last cosplay project. A-Chels is also a big fan of languages and is a part-time student at Ryerson.

Alter-Ego: The Embellisher

The Embellisher lives on the north border of the city, where she serves as the first defense for darning tears (whether intentional or accidental) opened in the fabric of reality. In 2013 she stepped in to lead the city’s protectors in the Cybernetic-Lace War, which repelled the Cybernetic Thieves invading the city from their future timeline. After being sucked into one too many time rifts and having to fight her way home, the Embellisher stepped back to resume her border patrols, and to spend time focusing on her true calling as a Superhero Costume Consultant (to which she must say, capes are only okay as the dress version of your uniform).  

Candice Lee

Candice’s first attempt at Nanowrimo was way back in 2001. She failed miserably every year until 2014, when she won for the first time. She’s been on a winning streak ever since. Candice now writes full time, and she credits it all to the supportive Nanowrimo community. She is living proof to never give up. When she’s not writing, Candice is cooking delicious meals, marathoning TV shows or taking k-pop dance classes.

Alter Ego: Mistress Optimism

With an unrelenting spirit and the belief that anything is possible, Mistress Optimism has dedicated herself to protecting and supporting the creativity of aspiring writers everywhere. Mistress Optimism first donned her gold tiara and mask when confronted by her evil arch nemesis The Time Wasting Vortex. Using her two trademark weapons, The Golden Notebook and The Golden Pen, she successfully fends off The Vortex’s attacks and protects the city’s reservoir of Productivity. Not only does she hold the superpowers of Tenacity and Word-Smithery, but she has the ability to bestow those powers upon those who prove themselves worthy of these tremendous gifts.

JB Cohen
JB Cohen

Graphic designer by day, writer by night JB is now entering their sixth year of nano with a vigor. What caused this interesting trip into the world of writing was a suggestion from a friend to put their minor in literature to god use, and as a way to sort out some of JB’s head space. Update: JB’s head space is still a mess, but now has free wifi.

Alter Ego: Ira (villain) / Little Red (hero)

Formerly part of the villain’s group, the Deadly Seven, Ira got fed up with what was happening around her and decided to defect to the side of good in secret. It was supposed to be a provincially-funded hero group of genetically enhanced people and creatures that Ira joined in hopes of doing good for her kind and others; however, the scientist in charge of the project was corrupt and altered more than just the genetics of the volunteers of the group. He warped their morals and used them to carry out his heinous plans. Ira, a born werewolf, went along with this until the night of a blue moon, when she got her original memories back. Keeping quiet, Ira went back with the others to the lair to try and figure out what to do. However, once she heard the scientist’s plan to steal the Toronto sign and turn Nathan Phillips Square into his own personal playground, the wolf decided she needed to lock away the group for good. She sought the help of the city and, under the new alias of Little Red, she helped put away the scientist and the rest of her pack without them ever knowing it was her. Who knew–she might need her villain alias again some day! One thing Ira knew for sure, she should have never trusted the government.
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