Our Team

Sarah Hamilton
Municipal Liaison
Captain Oh Captain, My Captain

Sarah Bio Pic
This will be Sarah’s eight NaNoWriMo and her third as an ML. She transferred to Toronto from a Starbase in Edmonton to complete her Academy training thirteen years ago. She currently works in the non-profit sector of Starfleet managing all the admin work that the admirals can’t be bothered to do. Almost three years ago her home was invaded by a small feathered alien who now calls it his own, and who was joined by another, similar alien, two years later. She is a willing slave to her tiny dinosaur overlords. When she’s not writing or planning awesome events for Toronto Wrimos she enjoys baking, reading, and volunteering for her church.

Municipal Liaison / Chat Mod
Captain Word Fairy

Daeja, our Word Count Counsellor, is Nano-ing for her fourteenth time this year. She’s thrilled to be one of our triad of MLs this year! When not writing, she’s usually found editing, reading, or watching pro Dota 2. There’s also that not-so-small matter of getting tabs on two wee humans 24/7…. Contact Daeja via Nanomail if you ever need a word count boost!
Municipal Liasison / Chat Mod
Captain Backup Your Novel
Jen joins the Starfleet ToNaNo this year with the new title of Captain! She will known as Captain Backup Your Novel after the untimely death of her trusty laptop. She will be constantly reminding you to BACKUP YOUR NOVEL! Don’t go through what she just has! She has been participating in NaNo since 2012, but has yet to win. She has, however, won a couple of Camp NaNos. She is thrilled to be joining the bridge as a co-Captain alongside Solayan (Sarah) and Daeja. Jen will be the one captain you will most likely see at the majority of, if not all of, the events this month. If you’re one of those who never wants NaNo to end, be sure to rendezvous with her on the planet Starbucks1909 in the Yonge-Davisville quadrant every Friday from 6:30pm to 11:00pm, all year long for write-ins and writing related shenanigans. When not writing, Jen can be found visiting those two feathered aliens Captain Sarah mentioned, going on adventures in Dungeons with Dragons, Simulating life on the holodeck, and building Civilizations on various planets.
Chat Mod
Chief Holodeck Supervisor

Bunnyhero is a NaNoWriMo old-timer, attempting (sometimes successfully!) the 50,000-word orbital run since stardate 2002. He even served as Municipal Liaison for a couple of years in the days before personal communicators. Known for his purple hair and extreme nerdiness, he can be found tinkering with the robots in the #tonano holodeck (AKA chat room) as one of this year’s moderators. Drop by and say hello!

Event Mod
Customer Relations

Elizabeth has been boldly going into coffee fueled NaNoWriMo Novembers since 2009.  She joined Toronto’s NaNoWriMo Mod Team last year and had enough fun that she’s decided to return for another year.  She firmly believes that all writing is good writing in November and loves to cheer on other writers as they try to reach their personal writing goals.  When she’s not writing she can be found planning trips through time and space just in case the Doctor finds her or asking her friends if they’ve ever sailed on a Firefly, on which she served as Customer Relations.
Chat Mod
Assistant Holodeck Supervisor
CheekyStoat goes by male or neutral pronouns. They have been in the ToNaNo chat since 2012 while travelling the Verse as a student and photographer between writing fiction and occasional blogs. They are a huge appreciator of comic books and fantasy novels when there’s time to spare between writing, activities, and sleep. Typically they can be found in the chat at night and sleeping during the day (vampire? Probably).


Candice Lee
Event Mod
Chief Plotting Officer
Candice has been doing Nanowrimo since 2001 and finally won twice in a row in 2014 and 2015! She credits her recent Nanowrimo success to the supportive ToNano community. Candice writes both Urban Fantasy and New Adult Romance. She is a hard core devotee to plotting in the ongoing Plotter vs. Pantser debate and will gladly talk for hours about plot structure, beat sheets and the snowflake method.


Event Mod
First Knitting Officer

(Photo TBA)

Graphic designer by day, writer by night JB is now entering their fifth year of nano with a vigor. What caused this interesting trip into the world of writing was a suggestion from a friend to put their minor in literature to god use, and as a way to sort out some of JB’s head space.

In a desperate move for new inspirations for their story this year, JB has set off on their travels for new and exciting things.  Sadly after needing to make a phone call and finding their cell phone dead, JB wandered around for a phone to use only managing to locate a bright blue phone booth. You’d think being a comedic horror writer they’d know not to enter the strange new thing, but you’d be wrong.

Several weeks latter JB has wound up fighting lizards, smashing statues with wings and somehow made friends with a talking tree and raccoon. Also it’s really really cold and dark AND BIGGER THAN YOU WOULD FREAKING THINK IN HERE.


Event Mod
Chief Engineering Officer
(Photo TBA)
Bailey comes to us from Planet Halifax in the far reaches of the Nova Scotia Galaxy. After deciding to leave her home galaxy to explore the ‘Verse, she ran out of fuel not far from Planet Toronto, and her ship was pulled into the planet’s orbit where she was rescued by the Starship, Tonano. In return, she joined the Tonano crew as the Chief Engineering Officer. We look forward to many more adventures with Office Bailey aboard.

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