IRC Client Directions

So you want to have a desktop IRC client:

Windows Users:

We recommend mIRC (, which is a shareware IRC client with a free 30-day trial. After the trial period is up, you can continue using the client without registering, there’s just an annoying splash page.

Setting up mIRC:

  1. Open the program. You’ll be prompted with an mIRC Options menu.
  2. Under ‘Connect,’ select ‘Servers.’ A long list of servers will be displayed.
  3. Click ‘Add.’ The ‘Add Server’ menu will pop up. There are two relevant boxes here. Description and IRC Server. Enter the following:
    1. Description: Mibbit
    2. IRC Server:
  4. Mibbit, the server #tonano is hosted on, is now your default server.
  5. Return to ‘Connect’ and enter your desired nickname under ‘Nickname.’
  6. Click the ‘Connect’ button in the menu. mIRC will connect you to the Mibbit server and an ‘mIRC Favorites’ channel menu box will pop up.
  7. In ‘Enter a channel name and click join:’ enter #tonano
  8. Click ‘Add’ to save the channel, and then ‘Join.’
  9. Welcome to #tonano!