Chat Rules

Toronto Nano Chat Rules

Thanks for taking time to read the rules! Toronto NaNo chat is here for everyone, and it’s up to all of us to keep this space safe, fun, and friendly for newcomers and veteran WriMos alike, ages 13-113, and from all around the world.

There should be at least one chat mod in the room at any given time, but even if there isn’t, stick to the rules. The chat mods are there to enforce our rules, with a friendly reminder or an iron boot as necessary, but they are also there to have fun – please don’t make their lives difficult.

We ask that you respect the rules, respect each other, respect the mods, and enjoy our chat room!

In short, please:

  • Welcome new guests as they enter chat.
  • Introduce yourself if you’re new!
  • Follow the rules.
  • Report any problems to a mod (one of the people with a star by their name).
  • If you can’t reach a mod, or if your problem is about one of our mods, please Contact the ML.

And Now, those Rules:

Our litmus test for what’s allowed in chat is: What would a rather stodgy parent of a younger WriMo think if she was reading over your shoulder?

That means we want to see:

  • Minimal swearing.
  • Minimal mention of sex.
  • No graphic violence.
  • No attacks on other chatters at any time.
  • No talking about depression, other mental/psychological disorders, or drugs (prescription or otherwise) as these kinds of conversations may be triggering.
  • No comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, cissexist, or otherwise bigoted, or offensive to members of a faith group.
  • We hope this goes without saying, but none of the above (i.e. no swearing, sex, drugs, or isms) will be allowed in chat usernames at any time .
  • Minimal in-jokes or “cliquey” conversations. For the purposes of chat, we define as “cliquey” any conversation that relies on unexplained intimate knowledge of the participants for others to be interested. We know that some of you know each other well, but please take personal chat to PMs or another medium.

We’d also like to remind you that the “after midnight” rule is a myth. It’s always midnight somewhere in the world… and it’s always 2 pm somewhere else. The chat room needs to be PG at all times. Also, remember that anyone who logs into chat will be presented with the last several minutes of conversation, so you can’t just check who’s online when you type it.


What’s a PM?

PM stands for “Private Message.”

How do I PM someone?

Click on their name in the chat user list. You’ll see a series of options: select the first one, “PM”. A new tab will open at the top of your chat window where you can chat in privacy.

How do I change my username?

Use “/nick NewUsername”

I can’t stand the sounds in chat!

We recommend installing a desktop IRC client so that you can customize that. Directions here.

Chat is so fast! How do you keep up?

Yep, that’ll happen sometimes. Wait ’til a word war, when it will quiet down.

I have a complaint OR I need to report a problem in chat!

PM one of our chat mods or contact the ML.