November 1st Patrol

All Extraordinary Individuals, Please be on full alert on November 1st, 2017. The Block has been confirmed in the city: Minions of Dr. Deletion were identified at the Toronto Reference Library on October 29th, hanging around outside the Armory. Block operatives have been reported in Mount Pleasant Cemetery and area. If you spot the Block, […]


Dark Muses Encrypted Message

Incoming Encrypted Message… From: Dark Muses  (see Report BR-2017-145-T; also DARKMUSES-2017-6) Decrypting… Decrypting… Vine. It pains us to contact you. Your very existence is an affront to us. Our resentment has bloomed, and died, and bloomed anew as the seasons have passed. But we have no choice. Swirling…impending…doom. For all of us. None of us […]


SCRIBE Protocol Memo

Lil Red, As per your request, the armory at the Toronto Reference Library will be open to you and your cohorts on Sunday, the 29th. Please arm yourselves well, as the Block is to be taken seriously. Remember to leave a full inventory of items taken. ~ Curator Reminder: The code word Scriptus should unlock […]


Superhero Watch

Taken from a blog: “Superhero Watch” Ooooowie. Fan girls and fan boys, have I got a scoop for you! You know I’ve been trying to get a pic of the elusive Embellisher for ages, and I nearly–nearly!–got one last night. If you were anywhere near the Fox & the Fiddle on Bloor (by the ROM!), […]