Final Missive


SCRIBE Protocol

Final Missive, Dec 2017

ATTN: All Superheroes

This past week saw dozens of us undertake key SCRIBE missions while others maintained their assigned patrol routes.

Monday night, a brave contingent of SCRIBE superheroes headed to the Toronto Reference Library to face down Dr. Deletion. The Vine, who had been his particular victim, was especially keen to arrest this villain. Assisting her were the Mayor, Mistress Optimism, the Bunnyhero, Agent Panter and two deep cover agents.

Because of the proximity to the Armory, the superheroes had to exercise extra caution. No one wanted Dr. Deletion’s minions to gain access while the good guys were distracted, working to close a massive Research Wormhole and arrest Dr. Deletion.

The library was an epic backdrop, with superheroes nimbly zipping and zapping through the stacks. The Mayor inspired one and all to new feats of imagination. Mistress Optimism kept everyone’s spirits up, and Agent Panter amplified everyone’s output.

At the very last moment, the Vine teleported to an exit and tackled Dr. Deletion while he, like the coward he was, tried to run!

And then…

The final battle.

All month long, there were clues. The coffee shops. The coffee at Snakes and Lattes. The coffee drinks at Famous Last Words. At the Overnighter. Everywhere. Coffee. Everywhere.

Dr. Deletion confirmed it. Blank had been dosing the City’s supply of caffeine. As the additive accumulated in superheroes all over Toronto, their creativity became sluggish, became a little more disconnected. I know we all thought it was faitgue from writing more and more and more–but no. This was Blank’s dastardly plan all along!

The bunnyhero tracked Blank to a coffee shop at Yonge and King, where the dastardly Supervillain was working as an unassuming barrista, right under our noses!

The final showdown pitted a determined, if exhausted, team of superheroes against Blank. The entire month, all the patrols and heightened security to protect against the Block had worn our superheroes down, but not one was willing to give up.

Determined, knowing that the city could not rest easy until Blank was put behind bars, the superheroes wrote. Giving everything they had, our entire roster of more than 50 active superheroes, and numerous other undercover individuals battled to the very last.

And we emerged victorious! Blank was arrested! A stash of additives, and a sheaf of future plans were taken into evidence. Blank taken to a holding facility for interrogation.

Now what?

The Mayor has determined that the SCRIBE protocol should stay in effect. Not because the Block is a threat–certainly it is not, not now that Blank is in jail. Rather, the Mayor knows that the City of Toronto is better for having so many superheroes working together. The Block may have tried to dull Toronto, but instead it built something rather beautiful: a community of creative types supporting each other.

Thank you all for your service this month. Good luck to you all in the months ahead.

~ The Mayor, The Vine, and The Curator