Snippet of Slack

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TheMayor 8:10 am
Curator? Check in?

Curator 8:15 am
Here. Sorry.

TheVine 8:17 am
I filed a report two days ago, but haven’t seen it register?

Curator 8:18 am
I entered it. It should be in the database. You mean about the patrol in Scarborough?

TheMayor 8:20 am
Yes. It was a small group of us, but important. I’m confident we swept up any foothold the Block might have had in that area of the GTA.

Curator 8:33 am
I checked, and I don’t see the report. But I know I entered it.

TheVine 8:35 am
And what about the library report? We closed another Research Wormhole. Dr Deletion’s definitely targetting libraries. And the information we found about dull crystals was upsetting!!!

TheMayor 8:37 am
You know, I’m starting to wonder about that. The locations in that Fodor’s included the ROM, which does have a big display.

TheVine 8:40 am
There’s a really awesome costume exhibit coming soon too.

TheMayor 8:41 am
I saw that! We should contact the Embellisher to see if there’s anything we need to know about the exhibit, in light of the Block.

Curator 8:44 am
I can’t find any of the reports from the last week! Something’s wrong with the database. But we’re not hacked, I can’t find any evidence of…. DANGERBOT!