Message from Curator to the Mayor


The Mayor,

I am ashamed to acknowledge this, but there was no debrief report on my desk this morning.

I know. It’s so unlike me. I’m not sure what to think. I remember reviewing the Vine’s report from the patrol Friday night. She reported that the Speed Reader, Agent Panter, Mr. Millennium, Lil Red, and herself apprehended seven operatives during the three hours of patrolling, and that bunnyhero appeared toward the end of the patrol to aid in the arrest of an eighth. A total of 8264 words were cast, thrown, jabbed, and otherwise wielded in the battle. She expressed that these were the operatives they deemed it safe enough to capture–that twice as many were left still active. We need to mobilize more agents for next week’s patrol of the area.

And look at me, caught up in the minutiae when you can read all of this in the report yourself. This seems to be a lingering effect of whatever happened yesterday–being easily distracted by these kinds of details.

Where was I?
I remember going to Snakes & Lattes, as per our undercover operation. I recall rendezvousing with yourself, the Vine, bunnyhero, the High Sorceress, Mr. Millennium, and the Embellisher as well as a few of our civilian associates. And then things get foggy. I found three photos on my phone that may provide clues as to what transpired:



I am very concerned about this. Does anyone remember the exact details? Why is that figure leaning so much? Did anyone discover anything about the Block? What happened to us? Did we…did we just get distracted and lose a day?

Maybe I just need to drink more coffee, get my brain going….

How could I have forgotten to write a report?