Interview Post-Monday Night

Monday night, first library patrols completed.

Activity reported at Don Mills Library. Interview with a superhero who requested anonymity:

Can you please describe the activities of the evening?

Yeah! So I met up with the others– The Vine, WonderWriter, Librarian, and The Mayor. The Vine kept teleporting ahead, scouting around for Block operatives. One minute she was beside me, then the next she was gone. The Mayor kept us all writing. There’s something inspirational about her….

We caught five of the Block, all minions of Dr. Deletion!, in a stairwell, conducting a ritual. There was chanting and candles and burning books. It was *awful*. The Librarian, afterward, used her powers of information recall to identify the ritual as one to open a Research Wormhole.

Was there any information about what a Research Wormhole is?

The Librarian explained it as a way to trap superheroes while they’re trying to search for details to fill their stories with. She said something about them usually being unstable entities inadvertently opened by over-enthusiastic researchers, but that what these minions were trying to open would be much larger, much scarier.

Is there anything else you need to relay?

Yes! WonderWriter found a book in one of the operatives’ backpacks. A Fodor’s of Toronto, with a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it, all two digits or low three digits. Those items are being submitted along with my report.

Curator Note: A meeting has been called to review the activities of this week.

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