Curator Report DB-2017-314-T


The Vine
The Embellisher
Gray Cat Grey
Timeline Prophet
The FrockSlayer
Babbling Pantser
Lord Awesome

Tonight, we assembled ten superheroes to chase down the lone Block operative to escape from the Davisville patrol of the previous night. A three hour window was identified when this operative was out in the open with another eleven operatives, 12 total.

After two hours, SCRIBE had nearly prevailed when…

From the doors of the William McBrien building came three supersized, dull-looking operatives wearing eye-patches marked with “PP” on them.

“Oh no!” The Vine shouted.

“Uh oh!” Curator called out.

“What’s going on?” Bunnyhero asked, for once actually present for the action instead of showing up suspiciously late to it.

“Those three are the henchmen of the Plagiarism Pirate!” The Vine explained.

“We’re going to have to pull out the big guns for that bunch!” Curator added. “They’ll take twice as much creative output to down as a normal operative.”

The battle raged for another hour.

The Vine’s wrists tired, and still she wrote.

“I calculated a 70% chance we would finish in time,” Gray Cat Grey announced. “So I wrote an extra 428 words,  manipulating it to a much higher 96%.”

When the Babbling Pantser spouted off words, but had no way to write them down, the Timeline Prophet sent a fountain pen into the Pantser’s hand, telekinetically.

We wrote and wrote, and the word count grew until the Block operatives were overpowered by the weight of all the words.

As each of the three henchmen was downed, they softly whimpered, “Arrrrrrrgh.”

We searched all of them and interrogated them thoroughly.

Impressed by the collective creative strength of the SCRIBE team, the henchmen were quick to give up their boss.

“She’s got a plan to slow down the output of the city,” Henchmen A said.

“The Plagiarism Pirate knows that the TTC is the key to how most people in the city travel. She knows that without a public transit system, the ability for everyone to get to write-ins, to sites for inspiration, to offices, to co-working spaces, libraries, and so on will be severely hampered,” Henchmen B added.

“What’s her next move, then?” The Embellisher demanded.

Henchmen C spilled the beans, “She’s got a plan to shut down Line 2. She’s going to sabotage the subway tomorrow afternoon. Get it offline for good.”

We gasped. The henchmen had come out of the TTC headquarters, so many Block operatives active in the area, now the interest made sense!

The Vine immediately called for action, “Then tomorrow, we’ll defend the subway system.”