Curator Report DB-2017-303-T



The Vine

Ten Block operatives were captured by the Vine, Curator, Gray Cat Grey, Her Braininess, the Immortal Mask, Quantum Scout, Lithy, Skulk, and Brobdingnagian Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobe. Note that bunnyhero, despite being the reporting agent, was mysteriously late to the scene. The Vine and Curator secured the operatives in a temporary safe house. Hours were invested in the interrogation of these individuals. A few items of note were revealed (through a combination of the Vine teleporting around the room, popping up all over until the Block operatives were in such a tizzy, they answered her questions just to make her stop, and through the Curator’s brainstorming of increasingly ludicrous potential scenarios until, again, finally the operatives answered her questions just to make her stop).

  1. Something of note is going to happen at the College St. location of Snakes and Lattes. This was surprising *and* to learn as this had not been on SCRIBE radar prior to this reveal.
  2. The Vine pushed hard on the information relayed by the Dark Muses, regarding Block activity in their area. The operatives would only confirm that Blank, the Block leader, had an interest in the area that had been taken up by one of his super villain henchmen. No indication of who.

In response, the Curator has called for an undercover SCRIBE operation at S&L on the 4th. Messages have been sent out to all extraordinary individuals on the roster. The Vine has set up extra patrols in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery area, cycling around Davisville, Yonge, St Clair and Bayview.

Good work to all operatives involved. Quick action is necessary to keep the Block on their toes, and protect the city.