Breaking SCRIBE News!


Sunday – The Embellisher lead a patrol of the north end of the city, dragging along o cha cha, the Babbling Pantser, the Vine, and surprisingly, the Curator who is rarely seen on patrol. The Procrastinator was spotted on Yonge, and after tracking him to CoverNotes, the team was able to apprehend this dangerous villain.

During an interrogation with the Embellisher, the Procrastinator admitted to setting procrastination traps for superheroes at various locations around the city, including Snakes and Lattes, all of the Legions in the GTA, and Famous Last Words.

Included with the standard debrief report, the Embellisher included this note:

 ATTN: Mayor,

Intelligence attached that indicates there will be an attempt to steal a specific, dull stone from the Royal Ontario Museum on Friday night, coinciding with the final set-up of the new Dior exhibit. This cannot be a coincidence, I’m confident the Block will also attempt to steal some of these older model, but still quite powerful superhero uniforms.

The Embellisher

Monday – Protection detail at the Northern District Library countered a third Research Wormhole. Kudos to the eight-superhero team, including Bayonette, LIbrarian, Midnight Bat, the bunnyhero, Agent Panter, the Mayor, Mistress Optimisim and the Vine for closing the Wormhole in record time.  

This time The Block also attempted to steal two books: one discussing the resonance of crystals, and a second discussing the practical applications of the CN Tower.

Snippet of Resulting conversation:

The Vine: All details are set for Friday night. We’ll set up HQ across the street from the ROM, and send in our finest superheroes to protect the exhibit, and the crystal.

Curator: I’ve been doing my own research. It looks like the Block are going to attempt to use the crystal to modify the CN Tower. If the crystal’s in place while the Tower’s being struck by lightning, I believe it could have a general creativity dampening effect.

The Mayor: That’s dastardly!

The Vine: We’ll have to focus our efforts on Friday on the crystal then.

Curator: The Embellisher will have something to say about that.

The Vine: We’ll do what we can to keep the entire museum safe from the Block, but our priority has to be on the crystal.

The Mayor: There’s too much at stake to risk it being taken. I’ve also assigned the bunnyhero to upgrade the security systems to prevent future theft.

Curator: Good idea!  See you Friday night?

The Mayor & the Vine: Absolutely.