Block Attack!

Toronto, Canada (FakeNews) — Thursday night, a vicious attempt to overtake Kobo offices on Liberty St. were repelled by a coterie of superheroes apparently meeting at the location.
Thirty-seven Block operatives were arrested and charged with breaking and entering, among other lesser charges. The ten identified superheroes, as well as several incognito agents, were able to apprehend the operatives before any real damage was done.
While details regarding the nature of the meeting are vague, the Vine was willing to tell us that superheroes across the city are committed to keeping Toronto safe from the meddling of the Block. Overheard was Midnight Bat, murmuring something about travel books and page numbers, and Morpheus chiming in regarding recent experience with travel books. An interview with Brobdingnagian Hippopotomonstroesesquippedaliophobe is too long to post, but can be summarized as suggesting the Block seems to have an interest in a few tourist hot spots, specifically the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum.
We reached out to Kobo, but they had no comment at the time of publication.
The full roster of superheroes included: The Vine, Speed Reader, Lil Red, Grey Cat Grey, Morpheus, Midnight Bat, bunnyhero, Rehéla, Brobdingnagian Hippopotomonstroesesquippedaliophobe, and Quill.