The Mayor Report DB-2017-297-T


(submitted the day after)

The meeting with the Dark Muses in Mount Pleasant was about as pleasant as anyone expected it would be. Weather control is not within the list of their known abilities, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to find it there.

The collection of superheroes who attended, especially Rehéla and the Speed Reader, were all on high alert. The Vine’s report (I’m sure the Curator will add the exact code) was quite clear about how dangerous the Dark Muses can be.

All in all, the interview was surprisingly pleasant. The decision not to bring the Vine along paid off as the Dark Muses’ hostility was reserved for her, and without her to grumble at, they focused on the issue at hand. Namely, that Block operatives had been passing through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery on a regular basis for several days in a row. Usually in the morning, hurrying through, and sometimes in the evening, strolling with coffee. The Muses couldn’t speculate about what the Block are up to, but a concentrated sighting in the city is something.

If the Block have a headquarters set up nearby, I will consider authorizing the release of the Muses as they would be a powerful ally. If they can be relied on. Big if.

I am relieved to know a contingent of superheroes will be arming themselves later today. It’s inevitable that clashes with the Block will happen soon.

~ The Mayor