Report DB-2017-286-T


Filed by the Curator, October 1, 2017

Alter Ego Directive in place. Codenames only.

Meeting of extraordinary individuals.

The Vine
The Embellisher
Mistress Optimism
Little Red

Not Attending:
The Speed Reader

Did not invite the Mayor.

Laid out intelligence provided by the Embellisher and bunnyhero from ConBravo in July (refer to Report I-2017-193-H). Noted the Network had confirmed chatter. Impressed upon the group the importance of presenting a united front against the Block. While every individual present had been active in anti-super-villain activities in the past year (for examples, refer to Report BR-2017-207-T for bunnyhero vs the Starlet; Report BR-2017-53-T for Mistress Optimism vs the K-Popper; Report BR-2017-89-RH for the Embellisher vs the Satin Eidolon; Report BR-2017-22-T for Little Red vs Iron Mask; Report BR-2017-145-T for the Vine vs the Dark Muses), it has been four years since the entire group last assembled.

Recommended activating the SCRIBE Protocol. These individuals to head units formed by recruited superheroes. The Vine submitting proposal for patrols.

Confirmation of Block incursion date to come from [[REDACTED]], currently working undercover.

NB: Block Intelligence Report to follow ASAP