November 1st Patrol


All Extraordinary Individuals,

Please be on full alert on November 1st, 2017.

The Block has been confirmed in the city:

  • Minions of Dr. Deletion were identified at the Toronto Reference Library on October 29th, hanging around outside the Armory.
  • Block operatives have been reported in Mount Pleasant Cemetery and area.

If you spot the Block, file a report with the Curator so we can track their whereabouts.

If you have any information regarding the Block’s activities, forward to the Vine, the Curator, or the Mayor.

If you need to engage with the Block, do so with the utmost caution for your own well being.

Above all else, keep writing! Generating those words is our best defense against the Block!

Patrols have been organized by the Vine, and other extraordinary individuals several days of the week–please refer to our central forum for more information.

Our first patrol is scheduled for November 1st, at 5:30 pm, at the Toronto Reference Library.

Good luck, and thank you for service.

~ The Mayor, Curator, and the Vine