Email Re: Scriptus



We had quite a successful trip to the armory–bunnyhero found a few tools that especially suited him (see pic). I’ll send you a list of everything we took shortly.

I need to report a sighting of the Block!!!

We were walking out of the armory, discussing how to distribute things, when we saw three operatives of the Block. I initiated the emergency lockdown on the armory–don’t worry about that! We spread out, tried to circle around them so we could hear what they were talking about, but they didn’t linger.

Bunnyhero did notice a little mark on their collars–that stylised D that belongs to Dr. Deletion! Is she a known Block operative?

One of them dropped a scrap of paper, which I’ve photographed for you, and included (sorry it’s blurry, we had to snap it in a hurry!).

What do we do now? I think we should set up regular patrols of these locations. Is there time to include these in the Vine’s planned routes? I’ll contact her directly about it.

~ Lil Red