Block Intelligence Report, Dated October 4, 2017

Leader: Blank
Description: ???

Known Associates: Dr. Deletion, Purple Prose, Plagiarism Pirate, Hyperbole Hex, Inner Editor, Grammarian, the Mad Typoist

Stated Aims: Eradication of imagination, dulling of creativity.

Location and Size: Usual territory is Southwestern Ontario. Membership numbers in the thousands, at the low estimate.

Activity: Known for vandalising galleries, playing loud music and carrying on obnoxious conversations around creative people in public, and raining on parades. Reports indicate escalation to theft of crafting supplies, dulling of pencils, and possible involvement in the propagation of a hard-drive-wiping virus on a local university campus.

Known Weaknesses: The Block can only be defeated through concerted creative effort, especially the written word.

Estimated Threat Level: Low; remain outside the City of Toronto