We’re Almost Home!

*Tap tap tap* Is this on? *Feedback* I’ll figure out how to use this eventually…

Hello! I hope your journey with the Starship Tonano has gone well. I don’t doubt you have experienced some turbulence over the month, but don’t worry. We can soon celebrate all of the words we have written!

We can’t yet yell, “Land Ahoy!” but we’re getting close. We’re still a few days from making our final approach, and that means there is still time to get those words in!

As a region, we have produced over 21,000,000 words! That’s right! 21 MILLION! No wonder this ship has been running so smoothly! The Captains are very happy! We’re also still mid-war with the Starship, Vancowrimo, so keep those words coming! The ship that has more fuel left in its tank wins! Good luck to all of us!

There are still opportunities to meet with your fellow Tonano shipmates. Join us for EFAD on Friday, November 25th at the Davisville Starbucks; at the Queen and Ossington Starbucks on Monday, November 28th; on Tuesday, November 29th for the Bathurst-Steeles write-in, and at the Final Write-in at the Starbucks at Yonge and King on November 30th. You can find all the information for these write-ins on the forums here: http://nanowrimo.org/regions/canada-ontario-toronto

And don’t forget about our Return to Land Party (aka the TGIO) on December 1st! You can also find information on that through the forum link above. After all of our hard work, we need to refuel ourselves!

See you on the rounds, and keep up those words!

Happy Writing!
The Fleet of the Starship Tonano