Second Annual Mod Awards!

As another NaNoWriMo draws to a close it’s time again to thank the wonderful people who help make our community such a wonderful and welcoming place to write.

For his sterling work wrangling Wrimos at our most crowded location this year Andrew has truly earned the title of King of King. It wasn’t easy to sort out the many satellite colonies that took over every available space at Starbucks, but Andrew handled it with true zen.

Our online home wouldn’t be the beautifully crazy place it is without Bunnyhero, our very own Lord of the Chat. Particularly since this year ToNaNo has been saddled with an ML who is continually baffled by the speed of the chat room, Bunny has been truly invaluable in keeping chat a fun and safe place to be.

Speaking of chat, special thanks go to CheekyStoat for jumping into the fray to keep us safe from spammers at all hours. For their courage in the face of trolls they are awarded the honor of Last Minute Lifesaver.

Of course it wouldn’t be ToNaNo without our resident Word Fairy, Daeja. Her inspirational words and boundless enthusiasm drove many of our word counts to new heights. She’s also done a sensational job of managing the regional Twitter account this year.

Returning to run our teen event were the redoubtable Sunny and Franci. Balancing modding and school is no easy feat, but they managed it handily, and are hereby granted the Teen Spirit award. Their event may not have had the highest attendance, but I think it may have been the one I got the most words written at.

She may have been frolicking with wizards and manatees for the first part of November, but Elizabeth was an invaluable help in keeping us going during the Overnighter, and helping us celebrate in style at the TGIO. Sorting out sleep deprived Wrimos takes the skill of a true Mischief Manager.

And finally, from the Cemetery Walk through to the TGIO, no other mod has made it to as many write-ins and events as the ever valiant LoP. Accompanied by her faithful owl Perry she spent the month making sure Wrimos both in person and in chat had an amazing time. She has more than earned  the title of Wonderful Wizard of Mods.