NaNoWriMo 2015 is here!

It’s time to start writing!  I wish you many happy words now and in the weeks to come.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Kick Off on the 30th here’s the low down on some of the exciting things happening in November.

Passports are back! You can collect one from myself or one of our fantastic mods at write-ins and events. You can use your passport to keep track of your NaNo achievements and to be eligible to win a prize at the TGIO.

The gauntlet has been thrown down for our 2015 Word War with the Edmowrimo Literary Ninjas. You can sign up to join the battle on team ToNaNo DinoPirate by posting in this thread. Whichever region writes the most in November will win bragging rights and fame forever.

Keep an eye on our Regional Forum for all sorts of upcoming events. You can also feel free to host your own write-ins if you feel like getting together for a date/time/part of town where we don’t have something already scheduled.