Mod power!

Here at Tonano’s ML HQ, we’d like to send a huge thank you to all our Mods this year, who have helped to ensure both events and our online community have been fun, safe and productive. In celebration, we take pleasure in announcing the inaugural Tonano Mod Awards – prepare your speeches, thank your parents, friends and hair stylists, and don’t feel you have to hold back the tears…
Our teen events were a great success as always, but our hosts are rapidly becoming ineligible for the role! For having the most convoluted way for the MLs to contact her, Franci wins the Most Elusive Mod award. Her co-host not only helped bring superhero sparkle to our Kick Off by attending as BatGirl, but again ran the highly successful mentorship programme, earning Sunstreak the title of Grand High Mentor Monarch.
Fridays at Runnymede have been running forever, no small thanks for two of our mods who have also proved their worth in other ways throughout the month. For proving the wrimos are multi-talentedly awesome, our Rock Star Mod is Ren, who hosted Karaoke. The prize for Power Up Mod goes to Drew for invaluable help during the Overnighter.
With two rabbits, on the crew, the award for Bounciest Mod was hard-fought, but eventually LoP claimed the prize for all-round enthusiasm and donation-jar-rattling, who hosted Fridays at Davisville – the newer but no less well-loved parallel event.
Tonano wouldn’t be the same without our online chat. Two of the folks who keep that flowing are our Virtual Mod, Dana – who appears to us by the power of Winnipeg’s internet provider and whose virtual trophy (below) wings its way to him in the same manner – and our Chat Hero, Bunnyhero, who is also responsible for the fantastic chat stats – if you’ve been on there at all this year, check to see whether you’ve made it into the Hall of Fame.
One Mod stands above the rest for one thing we’ve all been striving for this year, Word Count. Not only has she won, but she raced the MLs and pushed us all to early victories. She’s also mentored a bunch of wrimos and helped countless others to win with her peptalks and enthusiasm. Daeja is our Word Fairy.