Go go go!

OK, it’s November. Let’s write!

But also, don’t forget to come to write-ins on Mondays at Yonge / King Starbucks, 6pm and on Fridays at either Davisville or Runnymede Starbucks, 7pm.

We’re also hoping to have some “hosted” write-ins his year, but details are still TBC. At the very least, mark your calendars for 10pm on Wednesday 12th at Indigo’s Eaton Centre store.

Now, let’s write*!


(Please note, the writer of this post, Elmo, has about as much chance of writing over this weekend, as of having the Pope round to tea. She’s organising a birthday party, failing to bake (let alone decorate) a cake for said party, and doing a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t writing-conducive. She’ll catch you up on Monday. Hopefully. If she’s not dealing with a toddler on a post-party sugar-hangover.)