Star Ship Tonano is Almost Ready to Launch!

Yes, you’re reading this right! The Star Ship Tonano is undergoing some last minute preparations before it takes off for Quadrant NaNoWriMo-2016. Have you powered up your personal communication devices yet? Are you preparing everything for your journey, or are you just going to come aboard and see what happens? Either way, you’re in for a great trip filled with writing, laughter, and Pumpkin Spice everything!

However, before we take off for this month-long adventure together, there are a few last-minute technical details the Captains (ML) need to sort out. The annual system wipe is scheduled to occur within the next few days, so keep an eye on the the NaNoWriMo website for that. Once everything has relaunched, details for upcoming events will be posted so you can begin planning your pre-journey days.

If you can’t wait to start the journey, drop by the Davisville Starbucks every Friday for EFAD from 6:30pm until 11:00pm. You can use these to start planning, or to get to know your fellow Tonano shipmates before you embark. The details for these are posted on the Tonano Facebook Page. (Unless the host forgets, which does, occasionally, happen.) You can also check out the page for other NaNo related things.

The captains can’t wait for this year’s journey to begin, and we can’t wait to meet as many of you as we can!


Happy Writing!
Your Captains (ML Team)

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Second Annual Mod Awards!

As another NaNoWriMo draws to a close it’s time again to thank the wonderful people who help make our community such a wonderful and welcoming place to write.

For his sterling work wrangling Wrimos at our most crowded location this year Andrew has truly earned the title of King of King. It wasn’t easy to sort out the many satellite colonies that took over every available space at Starbucks, but Andrew handled it with true zen.

Our online home wouldn’t be the beautifully crazy place it is without Bunnyhero, our very own Lord of the Chat. Particularly since this year ToNaNo has been saddled with an ML who is continually baffled by the speed of the chat room, Bunny has been truly invaluable in keeping chat a fun and safe place to be.

Speaking of chat, special thanks go to CheekyStoat for jumping into the fray to keep us safe from spammers at all hours. For their courage in the face of trolls they are awarded the honor of Last Minute Lifesaver.

Of course it wouldn’t be ToNaNo without our resident Word Fairy, Daeja. Her inspirational words and boundless enthusiasm drove many of our word counts to new heights. She’s also done a sensational job of managing the regional Twitter account this year.

Returning to run our teen event were the redoubtable Sunny and Franci. Balancing modding and school is no easy feat, but they managed it handily, and are hereby granted the Teen Spirit award. Their event may not have had the highest attendance, but I think it may have been the one I got the most words written at.

She may have been frolicking with wizards and manatees for the first part of November, but Elizabeth was an invaluable help in keeping us going during the Overnighter, and helping us celebrate in style at the TGIO. Sorting out sleep deprived Wrimos takes the skill of a true Mischief Manager.

And finally, from the Cemetery Walk through to the TGIO, no other mod has made it to as many write-ins and events as the ever valiant LoP. Accompanied by her faithful owl Perry she spent the month making sure Wrimos both in person and in chat had an amazing time. She has more than earned  the title of Wonderful Wizard of Mods.

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We’re past the half way point

November is zooming by and we’re now officially in the home stretch of NaNoWriMo 2015.

Whether you’re flying high and ready to sprint to the finish, or if feel like you’re struggling up hill all the way: KEEP WRITING! Come the end of November you’ll be glad you did.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get a lot written and have amazing amounts of fun at the same time join us for the annual ToNaNo Overnighter. RSVPs are required for this event, so please make sure click on the link to let us know you’re coming.

Our regular writing sessions on Mondays at King and Fridays at Davisville also continue every week of November.

Finally, keep your eyes on the forums for details coming soon about a brand new online writing marathon on November 28. You wont’ want to miss it.

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NaNoWriMo 2015 is here!

It’s time to start writing!  I wish you many happy words now and in the weeks to come.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Kick Off on the 30th here’s the low down on some of the exciting things happening in November.

Passports are back! You can collect one from myself or one of our fantastic mods at write-ins and events. You can use your passport to keep track of your NaNo achievements and to be eligible to win a prize at the TGIO.

The gauntlet has been thrown down for our 2015 Word War with the Edmowrimo Literary Ninjas. You can sign up to join the battle on team ToNaNo DinoPirate by posting in this thread. Whichever region writes the most in November will win bragging rights and fame forever.

Keep an eye on our Regional Forum for all sorts of upcoming events. You can also feel free to host your own write-ins if you feel like getting together for a date/time/part of town where we don’t have something already scheduled.

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November is almost here!

Now that you’ve all hopefully had time to recover from your turkey comas hopefully you’re starting to get excited for NaNoWriMo 2015!

Our forums are now live. How many pages will we get the introduction thread up to this year? Come introduce yourselves and make me scramble to write replies to all of you 🙂

On the forums you’ll find info on our first two events:

Cemetery Walk on October 24 at 2pm – Come walk through Mount Pleasant Cemetery, get some ideas for your novel, and meet some other Toronto Wrimos.

Kick Off Party on October 30 at 7pm  – Launch NaNo 2015 in style at Pauper’s Pub. This is a great way to meet (or catch up) with friends and get the inside scoop on what’s coming up in November.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to frantically planning my own novel, which currently appears to have three nameless characters and no plot.


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Countdown to NaNoWriMo 2015

September is upon us and, despite what the meteorologists would have you believe it always feels like the beginning of fall to me. With the beginning of fall come returns to school, work, activities, and most importantly thoughts of NaNoWriMo.

Planning is well underway for this year’s event in Toronto, and you can expect more updates as we get closer to November. The annual “forum wipe” is scheduled for early October, after which our forums will start to get active and you’ll be able to find more information on some of the events we have planned for your delectation and delight.

If you’re desperate for ToNaNo fun before October feel free to swing by our official Facebook group. That’s where our off-season write-ins usually get organized.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces soon

Your ML



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Mod power!

Here at Tonano’s ML HQ, we’d like to send a huge thank you to all our Mods this year, who have helped to ensure both events and our online community have been fun, safe and productive. In celebration, we take pleasure in announcing the inaugural Tonano Mod Awards – prepare your speeches, thank your parents, friends and hair stylists, and don’t feel you have to hold back the tears…
Our teen events were a great success as always, but our hosts are rapidly becoming ineligible for the role! For having the most convoluted way for the MLs to contact her, Franci wins the Most Elusive Mod award. Her co-host not only helped bring superhero sparkle to our Kick Off by attending as BatGirl, but again ran the highly successful mentorship programme, earning Sunstreak the title of Grand High Mentor Monarch.
Fridays at Runnymede have been running forever, no small thanks for two of our mods who have also proved their worth in other ways throughout the month. For proving the wrimos are multi-talentedly awesome, our Rock Star Mod is Ren, who hosted Karaoke. The prize for Power Up Mod goes to Drew for invaluable help during the Overnighter.
With two rabbits, on the crew, the award for Bounciest Mod was hard-fought, but eventually LoP claimed the prize for all-round enthusiasm and donation-jar-rattling, who hosted Fridays at Davisville – the newer but no less well-loved parallel event.
Tonano wouldn’t be the same without our online chat. Two of the folks who keep that flowing are our Virtual Mod, Dana – who appears to us by the power of Winnipeg’s internet provider and whose virtual trophy (below) wings its way to him in the same manner – and our Chat Hero, Bunnyhero, who is also responsible for the fantastic chat stats – if you’ve been on there at all this year, check to see whether you’ve made it into the Hall of Fame.
One Mod stands above the rest for one thing we’ve all been striving for this year, Word Count. Not only has she won, but she raced the MLs and pushed us all to early victories. She’s also mentored a bunch of wrimos and helped countless others to win with her peptalks and enthusiasm. Daeja is our Word Fairy.

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How’s your novel?

How’s it going, wrimo?

Is your word count soaring so high you can barely see it up there in the clouds? If so, congratulations. You’ve worked hard and maybe had a bit of luck, and you’re well on your way to a November that’s successful not just for the purple Winner bar, but also because you’ve done something you probably didn’t think was possible. Maybe you’ve won before, but this year is different because life threw different challenges your way and still you’ve found time and energy and ideas to write big. Keep up it, stretch your goals, stretch yourself. Aim for the stars! (I don’t hold with this shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars nonsense. The stars are further away than the moon If you miss the moon, you’ll land among satellites and space waste. Shoot for the stars. They are prettier and there are more of them.)

Is your word count floundering? Are you struggling to find time to write among the rest of life’s demands? Or ideas amongst the mire of inner editor and self-doubt? Or energy because you’re sick, or working too hard, or just burning the candle at both ends and in the middle too? Don’t panic. Even if you stop now, you’ve probably written more words this month than you otherwise would have, and that makes you a winner too. Really, it does – NaNoWriMo is only a challenge against yourself and you just beat your none-nanoing self! But anyway, you’re not going to stop now. We’re not even halfway there yet. There’s plenty of time to catch up, or at least to write more. Review your targets, set yourself something stretching but achievable whether that’s 50,000 or 5,000 words and then GO GO GO. Tonano is behind you. If it helps, head over to our chatroom for some real-time motivation from fellow wrimos. If it doesn’t, ignore chat and get back to writing. You can do this, and when you do, we’ll be there to pat you on the back!

Or are you like me? Little Miss (or Mr, Dr, whatever) On Par? We, my friends, are the plodders. But you’ve read about the tortoise and the hare. You know that plodding is nothing to be ashamed of. We’ll win, just like the Soarers and we’ll beat our non-nanoing selves just like the Flounderers. Keep plodding on, keep hammering out those 1667 words and maybe a few extras on a good day, and we’ll drag ourselves across the finish line at 11.59pm on November 30th with a smile on our faces and our shells still firmly attached.

This is NaNoWriMo, people, we will ALL win in our own ways, we will ALL support each other to the end, and we can ALL celebrate at the TGIO on 1st December.

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Go go go!

OK, it’s November. Let’s write!

But also, don’t forget to come to write-ins on Mondays at Yonge / King Starbucks, 6pm and on Fridays at either Davisville or Runnymede Starbucks, 7pm.

We’re also hoping to have some “hosted” write-ins his year, but details are still TBC. At the very least, mark your calendars for 10pm on Wednesday 12th at Indigo’s Eaton Centre store.

Now, let’s write*!


(Please note, the writer of this post, Elmo, has about as much chance of writing over this weekend, as of having the Pope round to tea. She’s organising a birthday party, failing to bake (let alone decorate) a cake for said party, and doing a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t writing-conducive. She’ll catch you up on Monday. Hopefully. If she’s not dealing with a toddler on a post-party sugar-hangover.)

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Passports, Wars, Mentors and More

For those who missed last night’s Kick Off excitements, here’s a run-down of the Exciting Announcements we shared.

Your Passport To Novelling Success

Ever feel like you need a map and compass to navigate NaNo? Well, we can’t help you with that, but this year we are offering you an exciting opportunity to see where you’ve been! Your ToNaNo Passport is free and the more stamps you collect, the better chance of winning a PRIZE at TGIO on December 1st. Stamps are available from any ML or Event Mod, and are awarded for things like attending events, hitting word count goals, even making a new friend!

If you didn’t get a passport at the Kick-Off, collect one from the MLs or Event Mods at events throughout November (while stocks last).

Please note, you must attend the TGIO to be eligible for prizes, but even if you won’t be there, feel free to join in the passporting fun.


Grab your cutlass, sharpen your claws – the Word War just got personal!

We’re getting too good at beating over the regions, so this year we’re going to beat each other. Elmobeard’s Pirates will take on The Sarahsauruses in a fight to the finish! Check out the forum for how to get involved and then sign up by 5th November to be placed in one of the teams. Your MLs need you!

Teams will be drawn at random, but please let us know if your intended word count for the month is going to be hugely more (or – shock! horror! – less), than 50,000.


Calling all manatees!

Sunstreak is running our annual mentoring scheme this year, so if you’re a seasoned veteran keen to help out, please consider signing up, and if you’re new, get yourself a personal cheerleader. Details and sign ups are on her forum post and the deadline to be involved is 3rd November.


Money, money, money

Last but not least, while NaNoWriMo is free, it runs as a not-for-profit and both the OLL and your MLs incur some expenses in bringing this awesomeness to you every year. If you are able to donate, you can do so in cash at events, or via the website. And if you do donate (suggested donation $15 or above), you can sign up for our “Adopt a Day” scheme. You can also Adopt a Day by sharing a pep talk with the rest of the region on the same thread – and if you do both, you get a WHOLE DAY all to yourself. Don’t say we never give you anything!

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